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Future Care Welfare Society

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What We Do

You must have got an idea of how our NGO works to supply food, education, and medical facilities to poor people. We also receive the government’s financial help and assistance in carrying out work for good causes. Our NGO provides various programs in the sectors of food, education, and health for poor kids and lower-income groups. Here’s the list of programs we have been active in:

Reg. No. – PIL/14370/2021-2022


Lack of education is still one of the biggest problems in India. It had led to several problems in society such as crime, unemployment, and many other illegal activities. At Future Care Welfare Society, we strive to take education to poor children. Until now, we have helped about lakhs of underprivileged children.

Education is the backbone of a better future. It helps to improve the social behavior of individuals and makes them aware of all the problems in society. Every child in India has the right to education and our organization helps children to get a better education.

Knowing the importance of education in a child’s life, we have made several educational programs for poor children. Volunteers of Future Care Welfare Society work actively to offer a better quality of education to underprivileged children. Have a look at our work in the sector of education:

  • Helping drop-out children to get further education

Many poor children have to leave their education because of a lack of financial support. India has a high percentage of school dropouts in various parts. Future Care Welfare Society has helped many drop-outs to bring back to school. We also help these children in numerous ways by offering study materials and other things necessary in school. Our strong team of volunteers encourages drop-out children to get further studies and become successful people.

  • Offering uniform and study materials

India has a high percentage of people still living under the poverty line. We help these children to get uniforms and other study-related materials for school. Our organization helps children of various schools to study further with good materials.

  • Giving smart facilities to children

Today, many schools in the country are providing smart education to children. Our NGO also provides smart facilities to underprivileged children of society. We offer smartphones and tablets to poor children. Our objective is to give smooth education to the poor children of our country. Through smart facilities, we aim to turn normal schools into smart schools within a few years.

  • Counseling

Every parent must know how his/her kid performs in school. We offer to counsel to parents of every kid. We make them understand the importance of education and encourage them to send their children to school. Our volunteers provide the best counseling for the better future of every kid. We apply different ways to offer to counsel parents such as through meetings and visits to homes.

  • Training teachers

After parents, it is the responsibility of teachers to make a bright future for children. Future Care Welfare Society also trains teachers to get well-versed with all the digital learning techniques and methods. We provide knowledge of the digital learning environment to teachers and help them to educate every child better each day.

We also encourage teachers to give personal attention to every child and educate him/her properly. Our NGO ensures the mental well-being of children and monitors them every hour.

In addition, we have set up many education centers in different parts of the country. Many underprivileged kids have got the benefit of education in these centers.

Food for Poor Children

Food scarcity is another major problem in India. It is present in many remote villages of the country. Even today, many children are not able to get good quality food for a living. We target these children and provide free meals regularly.

We have developed free meals project in collaboration with the Central and State Government and other NGOs. Our free meals reach every school and education center in remote villages. Our mid-day meals project aims to provide food to poor children in many states of India.

Objectives of our mid-day meals

For years, we have been operating mid-dal meal projects to improve child health. The main objectives of our mid-day meal program are:

  • To improve the health of poor kids by providing healthy food with good proteins and calories.
  • We aim to enhance the nutritional status of poor kids in small schools, education centers, and schools of local bodies.
  • Our main objective is to support nutritional support to underprivileged children.
  • We aim to provide free food and free meals in many drought-affected states of India.
  • Our volunteers help to increase nutritional levels among poor sections of the country.

To provide free food grains to many schools and education centers.


At Future Care Welfare Society, we help to improve the health issues of the poor section of society. Covid-19 has badly affected many countries around the globe and even India is not on the list. Many people and even children died from this deadly virus. At the same time, many kids also suffer from various health issues after this large pandemic.

Our NGO aims to improve the health of poor kids and backward classes. We provide modern medical facilities and medicines to backward sections of society. Our modern medical facilities help improve the health of poor children.

We design many health programs and start health initiatives for the poor section of society. Our health programs have various benefits such as:

  • Advanced medical equipment

We offer modern medical tools and equipment for the treatment of various diseases and physical disorders. We offer good-quality injections, stethoscopes, ventilators, and other tools for medical treatments.

Our medical facilities help to reduce the occurrence of diseases among poor children. They also help to solve the root cause of every disease and physical disease.

  • Free medicines

Future Care Welfare Society offers free medicines for anemia, weakness, underweight issue, and other health problems. Apart from that, we also arrange health camps for blood donation and free medicines. We also offer many other health facilities for the betterment of poor children.

  • Free Covid-19 treatment

Covid-19 is one of the biggest pandemics that damaged the world. Even after two years, the effects of this deadly virus have been severe on the minds of people especially the minds of poor people. Our NGO helps in giving free treatment for the Covid-19 virus.

We offer free oxygen cylinders, masks, hand gloves, and medicines to poor sections of society. Besides, we also train many doctors in rural areas and remote villages of India to treat poor children and make them strong mentally and physically. Moreover, we try our best to stop the spread of this deadly virus again in those remote villages and areas.

  • Cleanliness in villages

Health is directly related to cleanliness. The most common cause of diseases such as fever, malaria, jaundice, and dengue is a lack of cleanliness. Unhygienic areas cause the growth of mosquitoes, flies, and other insects. Our NGO takes active participation in cleaning remote villages and areas.

We improve health and sanitation sectors by using safe products and modern techniques. Clean toilets, pure drinking water, good food, and hygienic conditions are some methods that we use to promote cleanliness in the villages.

  • Eradication of polio and other diseases

India has a large percentage of polio cases. At Future Care Welfare Society, we work to eradicate polio from rural areas. We make people aware of polio vaccination and notify them of the date of polio doses. Our volunteers visit village to village to make poor people aware of polio and encourage them to go for polio disease.

We also work hard to eradicate many diseases that poor children suffer from such as being underweight and anemia.