Future Care Welfare Society

Future Care Welfare Society

AN ISO 9001:2008 Certified Organization

Reg. No. – PIL/14370/2021-2022

Across the Globe, We Are United in Our Dedication to Children’s Rights

Who We Are

India is one of the fastest-growing nations in the world today. It is developing in various sectors such as agriculture, science, technology, infrastructure, and so on. But even today, many people starve from hunger and proper health facilities.

Future Care Welfare Society is the leading NGO in India that helps in the upliftment of society. It helps poor people to get a good education and timely health facilities. We help many poor children by providing good quality food and improving their health.

Future Care Welfare Society is a non-profit organization in India with registration under Societies Registration Act, 1860. We established this NGO intending to help poor sections of society. Our representatives constantly work to uplift society and improve the quality of life of poor people.

We have a group of kind and hardworking volunteers in our organization. These volunteers come from various states of India to help poor people in different ways. From providing school meals to medical aid during Covid-19, we have helped poor and old people in many parts of the country.

Our organization has many state offices in many states of the country. We have many volunteers working for us in these offices. Apart from that, we also organize various programs to help poor people and backward classes of society. These programs are connected with food, education, medical facilities, and health factor.

At Future Care Welfare Society, we help many old people by improving their health by offering high medical facilities and good treatment. We provide the best medical free treatment for diseases such as Covid-19, TB, and other diseases. Our organization has a tie-up with many notable healthcare institutions and hospitals to offer free medical treatment. We have provided many senior citizen care homes and physiotherapy centers.

We handle many serious problems in society related to women and senior citizens. Our programs focus on improving society by reducing problems related to food and education. We also design many policies to bring a good change in society and help people to fight various problems. 

Our Approach

Objectives of our NGO

Our organization has many objectives to achieve in the future such as:

  • To give free education and materials related to education to poor children.
  • We aim to provide free school meals in many government and private schools to poor kids.
  • To address issues in the medical and healthcare sector and offer free medical treatments to poor sections of society.

To improve the health of elders and old people in different states of India.

— Our Mission

We have a sole mission to help the backward classes and poor sections of society. Our NGO works to provide basic facilities such as education, food, and medical aid to poor people. We aim to enhance the quality of poor children, young people, and old people.

— Our Vision

At Future Care Welfare Society, we have a clear mission to improve the quality of life of poor sections of Indian society. We aim to reach every part of the country to remove poverty and problems such as food scarcity and lack of medical facilities.